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What would you do if your life as you knew it changed overnight? 

Suddenly you went from being the poster child of perfect health to living a medical nightmare day after day for years. Would you hold steady in your faith? Or would you begin to question God’s plan? 

My fight through Acute Myeloid Leukemia was not easy, there were days when my faith was tested more than I ever imagined it could be. I discovered that my unexpected battle with cancer and the aftermath has shaped me into the mother, wife, and daughter I am today. A person that I could have only dreamed of becoming.  

It was my Faith and God’s Will that brought me through these past four years. I hope my story encourages you to never give up when you are faced with a personal battle. Whether it be a disease or illness, divorce, or layoff it is faith in God, laughter, and baking that will see you through. I urge you to Keep Living the Good Fight: keep breathing, trusting, and moving forward! The best version of you is yet to come.

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